Offering Support and Services to their communities

Distress Centres (DC’s) across Ontario offer support and a variety of services to their communities.

At a DC you can find a listening ear for lonely, depressed, and/or suicidal people, usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many centres also have Suicide Survivor programs, support services for youth, telephone call out programs for seniors and vulnerable people, mental health Crisis Lines services and much more.

Distress Centres provide their listening and referral services primarily through highly trained and committed volunteers.  The staffs of Distress Centres are knowledgeable individuals who insure the highest levels of support to the individuals in their communities and innovation in service provision.

Offering Support and Services to their members

Distress and Crisis Ontario (DCO) is the provincial networking organization that supports and helps build and sustain the capacity of its member agencies.  MOVING FORWARD THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS symbolizes how DC’s and DCO view their roles and relationships in the continuum of support, referral and mental health services offered to the people of Ontario.