We are looking for volunteers to sit on our Board of Directors and Board Member applications are now open. Previous Board experience is appreciated but not required, and applicants do not need to have distress or crisis line experience. A passion for supporting mental health and addiction services to better aid the public is a must. All Directors are volunteers and are expected to attend a minimum of 3 of 4 scheduled meetings each year, as well as the annual audit review meeting, and our Annual General Meeting. The expected time commitment is around 4 hours a quarter for Board Meetings and other duties. A minimum commitment of 2 years is requested. Directors are expected to: arrive on time for meetings and provide adequate notice when unable to attend; complete tasks and projects assigned and accepted; and accept at least one committee chairmanship/liaison/assignment, as needed.

For more information, and to apply, click here. Completed Board Member Applications must be sent to us by email at info@dcontario.org.