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New Members
We have a new member, welcome Victim Services of Peel. We are excited to have you on Board and look forward to networking, learning and growing together.
Ontario’s New Colour Coded Restriction System

Ontario has recently adopted a new system for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. This system looks at each health unit/region and ranks it depending on the number of cases and new case trends. Each week, health units will be re-examined and placed in the appropriate category. This system is designed to be an early warning system for each region to try and slow/maintain the covid-19 virus. There are 5 categories;

  1. Green (Prevent) – loosened restrictions, follows basic covid guidelines (wash hands, physical distance, limited people in an establishment). Health units at this level will have a weekly rate of less than 10 cases per 100,000 people and a positivity rate of less than one per cent.
  2. Yellow (Protect) – Increased restrictions, liquor can only be served until 9pm and all drinks to be cleared by 10pm, masks required at sports and recreation facilities (except when exercising) and required contact info for some establishments. The health units at this level are required to have a weekly rate of 10 to 39.9 cases per 100,000 people and a positivity rate of one to 2.5 per cent.
  3. Orange (Restrict) – Further restrictions, limiting event/meeting spaces to 50 people, limiting business hours, enhancing screening measures, prohibiting personal care services that require no mask and limiting retail businesses capacity. These health units will have a weekly incidence rate of 40 to 99.9 per 100,000 people and a positivity rate ranging from 2.5 to 9.9 per cent.
  4. Red (Control) – no indoor dining, closing gyms, cinemas and casinos and limiting indoor event capacity to 10 people. The health units at this level will have a weekly incidence rate of more than 100 cases per 100,000 people and a positivity rate of more than 10 per cent.
  5. Gray (Lockdown) – just as we saw earlier this year with ‘nonessential’ establishments to be closed down and a state of emergency declared.

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Resilience Posters
ONTogether has been working to help support Canadians going through mental health issues.One of their posters is to help support DCO and what we do. Our poster is of a beautiful Bluejay with the message that we are in this together. Help support us and purchase a resilience Posters at

Webinars – Save The Date
1. December 9th Home for the Holidays or is it?
2. January 20st After the Holidays
3. February 21th Relationships in Isolation
4. March 10th Looking forward
All webinars will be held at 12-1pm