Volunteering With DCO

DCO Board Members:

Distress and Crisis Ontario is currently seeking leaders to join its Board of Directors. Who are we looking for? If you have a strong commitment to helping in issues of mental health and suicide, and have proven leadership or organizational experience, you can apply for a position on the board.  

  • All Board members are volunteers, and the time commitment is approximately four hours a month for Board meetings.
  • Directors serve for a 3-year term and are expected to attend a minimum of 3 of the 4 scheduled meetings each year.
  • Directors are expected to arrive on time for meetings, and to provide adequate notice when unable to attend.
  • Complete tasks and projects assigned and accepted.
  • Accept at least one committee chairmanship/liaison/assignment by attending the committee meetings.

Your application and current resume should be emailed to [email protected].

For a copy of the Call for Board Members, click here.

For an application form, click here.

DCO Committees:

Education: Learning Forums and Podcasts
Conference Planning

Becoming a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering as a telephone responder for our ONTX text/chat program, or with one of our member organizations, please click here.